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What is LNRW?

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Neighborhood Radio Watch programs use handheld, mobile, and base station radios in conjunction with one or more radio repeaters strategically placed to maximize coverage. These repeaters enable users to communicate with the entire user-base at once in real time; unlike cell phones that are only 1-to-1 or social media which can take minutes or hours to get a response to your message.

The radios and repeaters utilize the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS).  GMRS is a set of frequencies set aside by the FCC for family and community uses just like this. GMRS is easy to use for young and old alike. An inexpensive, test-free license covers an entire family for 10 years.

Lockwood NRW currently has a repeater located in the upper Shake Ridge corridor. A second repeater in the lower corridor is in the works.  Check our events page for community education meetings and training sessions.  We teach users  how to get their license, how to get on the system, radio etiquette and everything else they need to know to stay informed through its use.

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